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1st Floor. 2 Granish Way. Dalfaber Drive. Aviemore PH22 1UQ

Lundies House. Tongue. Lairg. Sutherland. IV27 4XF Scotland.

+44 15 40 66 16 19

Lundies House is part of WildLand Limited that offers you a portfolio of extraordinary and unforgettable getaways.

We are happy to provide you with more information upon request. For more information about our work in Scotland, please visit our website.


The Flora

A loft. A studio. A cosy and comfortable hideaway. The Flora takes up the entire top floor of the old manse. A perfect den that offers privacy as well as the benefits of the entire Lundies House and courtyard.

Situated at the top of the manse and occupying the entire floor it feels like having you own exclusive and private serviced den.

Come up the stairway that leads you on to a welcoming landing. Turn left and you enter the living room and bathroom. Turn right and you enter the cosy bedroom. Imagine sitting in a freshly made bed enjoying the view out the window as sunlight dance upon the carefully curated room. It is pure calm and balm for a long overdue bit of personal quality time.

A few steps over the landing and you are in the comfortable living room with a large sofa from the Danish company &Tradition, that mixes well with a few vintage furniture collectors items. Soon you’ll find yourself with a drink, a good read and a soft smile on your face.

The bathroom is dominated by the bath-tub masterpiece from Drummonds by the window from which you have a clear view over the Kyle of Tongue and towards Castle Bharrich

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