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1st Floor. 2 Granish Way. Dalfaber Drive. Aviemore PH22 1UQ

Lundies House. Tongue. Lairg. Sutherland. IV27 4XF Scotland.

+44 15 40 66 16 19

Lundies House is part of WildLand Limited that offers you a portfolio of extraordinary and unforgettable getaways.

We are happy to provide you with more information upon request. For more information about our work in Scotland, please visit our website.


Come for the natural beauty. Stay for the cuisine.

A trip to the very north of Scotland offers not only food for thought by the force of its natural wonder. Lundies House will also provide tasty dishes that will be cooked and served at the table, sharing style using the very best of locally sourced ingredients and vegetables.

The heart of the main house will be the kitchen and dining areas, a home from home, where guests will be served breakfast and dinner and where throughout the day they are welcome to refreshments.

The dining room will feature bespoke oak furniture made by Edinburgh furniture makers Laurence McIntosh and a painted mural by French artist Claire Basler. During the day guests will be able to relax or read in the study and lounge areas, which features objects and artworks by artists such as painter Peter Bonde and photographer Trine S√łndergaard.

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